Monday, June 5
Several delegates meet Bhikkhu Sanghasena in Leh

Several delegates meet Bhikkhu Sanghasena in Leh


LEH: Y20 pre summit which is of the G20 truly has brought an array of visit of dignitaries to the beautiful Mahabodhi Devachan Campus. On Saturday a group a honourable officers from various Ministries from the central Govt of India visited the Mahabodhi Campus to seek blessings from Bhikkhu Sanghasena.

They spoke of their beautiful experience of Y20 pre submit in Ladakh and were a turning point. They appreciated Bhikkhu Sanghasena for the impeccable work undertaken by him here at MIMC and assured their visit and support in the future.

They felt officials from all Ministries must visit the Mahabodhi Centre in Ladakh for a spiritual rejuvenation.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena urged them to practice meditation and yoga in their daily life for their own well-being and for the world.

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