Monday, September 25

Secy. Khirwar visits Legecy Waste Site in Leh

Leh: Sanjeev Khirwar, Principal Secretary, Housing & Urban Development, Department, UT Ladakh visited Legacy Waste site at Bombguard, Leh.
Representative of M/s PH Jadhav who was awarded the project of cleaning of legacy waste at Bombguard Leh in 2022 briefed the Principal Secretary about the project and mentioned that 90% of the assigned work has been completed and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from the bio mined legacy waste is lying there for which the Secretary directed the Municipal Committee, Leh to come up with the solution to dispose off the RDF in a scientific way.
He also visited the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plant at Skampari, Lasermo and reviewed the operation of the Plant and stressed on effective handling and management of waste at Plant. He further directed EO, MC, Leh to augment and enhance the manpower at ISWM plant for better operations and directed that MC Leh should put up a clear proposal for procurement of incinerator machine to dispose of the RDF based on analysis of quantification & quantum of waste generated in Leh town.
The Director, ULB, Ladakh and field staff of MC Leh were also present during his site visit.

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