Friday, December 8
SDM Liker supervises cleanliness drive under Swachhata Hi Seva

SDM Liker supervises cleanliness drive under Swachhata Hi Seva


LEH: In a remarkable display of community spirit and dedication to cleanliness, a successful cleanliness drive was conducted in subdivision Liker, under the supervision of SDM Liker, Dr. Sarwar Shahzad, on the occasion of ‘Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta ek Saath’ under the campaign of Swachhata Hi Seva.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from various segments of the community, including doctors and staff from PHC Saspol, high school and middle school teachers and staff, as well as Sarpanch and Panches of Liker and Nambardar Liker.

One of the main highlights of the cleanliness drive was the extensive cleaning of Liker Highway and the picturesque Spang/Spring area in Liker.

The participants worked tirelessly to remove litter and debris, transforming these areas into cleaner, more inviting spaces for residents and tourists alike.

Dr. Sarwar Shahzad, the SDM of Liker, expressed his gratitude towards all the participants, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the region.

The participation of PHC Saspol doctors and staff underscored the importance of health and cleanliness, with healthcare professionals setting an example for the community. High school and middle school teachers and staff not only taught the importance of cleanliness but also actively participated in the drive, instilling valuable values in the younger generation.

In addition, Panchayat Secretary Liker and the staff from the Rural Development Department played a pivotal role in coordinating the entire event, showcasing the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders.


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