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Sanghasena, MIMC members attend inauguration of Buddhist grand Temple in Sri Lanka

Sanghasena, MIMC members attend inauguration of Buddhist grand Temple in Sri Lanka


LEH: Bhikkhu Sanghasena along with a group of senior members of MIMC attended yet another inauguration of beautiful Buddhist grand Temple in the huge campus of Umandawa Global Buddhist Village, Kurunegala, about 3 hours from Colombo on Maga Purnima-full Moon Day.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena was very fortunate to participate in the inaugural ceremony of three most historic and grandeur temples within one month including Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya, the first Hindu (Swaminarayan temple in Abu Dhabi, and beautiful Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka.

Umandawa Global Village is spread over hundred acres of land and is a unique village founded by a renowned visionary monk, Most Venerable Siri Samanthabadra Mahathero.

More than one hundred thousand people including high dignitaries such as Former President of Sri Lanka Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, His Excellency the Governor, several government Ministers attended the inauguration of the beautiful Buddhist Temple, 49 birthday celebration of Most Venerable Siri Samanthabadra Mahathero, the founder and director of Umandawa Global Buddhist Village and Maga-full moon day celebration and opening of charitable hospital. Bhikkhu Sanghasena was the Guest of honour of the auspicious occasion.

Nestled amidst the mountainous valley in Melsiripura, Kurunegala, Umandawa is a unique retreat that exudes tranquility, serenity and peace.

A place where one could learn the art of living through Buddhist philosophy, those who arrive at Umandawa ease into a journey of mindfulness, wellness and happiness.

Umandawa Global Buddhist village UGBV is a vision conceived by Most Ven Siri Samanthabhadra Arahath Thero, UGBV is a haven for seekers of truth and lovers’ peace. Built in harmony with nature and reminiscent of ancient Sri Lankan Kingdoms, Umandawa delivers complex Buddhist teachings to both ordained Sangha and laypersons in a simple and practical manner to experience total physical, mental, spiritual, psychological health and happiness.

UGBV is already very popular and is likely to become a role model for revitalizing Buddhism not only in Sri Lanka but globally.

Most Venerable Siri Samanthabhadra Maha Thero is a distinguished, learned, dynamic and visionary monk. He is considered Arahant by many of his flowers.

In his address, Bhikkhu Sanghasena recalled the century’s old and deep cultural and religious relationship between Sri Lanka and India. Bhikkhu Sanghasena expressed gratitude to the Maha Sangha and lay devotee people of Sri Lanka for receiving the precious Buddha Dhamma from India and having preserved them until today with such great faith and devotion.

He also recalled the great contribution of Venerable Anagarika Dhammapala, the founder of Mahabodhi society of India toward the revival of Buddhism in its birth country-India.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena, the founder and President of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, Ladakh and Mahakaruna Foundation, New Delhi conferred the Himalayan Tiratna Award 2024 to Most Venerable Siri Samantabhadra Mahathero, the founder of Umandawa Global Buddhist village for his outstanding contribution in revitalizing Buddhism in 21st century.

Bhante Sanghasena also presented Mahakaruna Award 2024 to Former President Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksha who was present on this occasion.

In his speech Bhikkhu Sanghasena Said “I bring warm greetings from all the people of India to the people of Sri Lanka, I bring special greetings from our beloved prime minister Sri Narendra Modi to the people of Sri Lanka, I bring special greetings from the Buddhist people of India to Buddhist people of Sri Lanka. India loves Sri Lanka. India and its people are always stand together with Sri Lanka and its people.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena with the delegation also visited the world-famous Buddha’s Tooth relics Temple in Kandy and they were very fortunate to have Private audience with His Holiness most Venerable Thibbatuwawe Sri Sumangala Thero, Mahanayaka (Supreme Head) of Malwatta Chapter of Siyam Nikaya.

They have discussed on many issues including revival of Buddhism in its birth place India, Buddhism and unprecedented challenges faced by the current world etc.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena reminded to His Holiness how founder of Maha Vihara (Mahabodhi Society) Bangalore and its founder Most Venerable Dr. Acharya Buddharakkhita Mahathera and Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, Ladakh so deeply connected to Maha Sangha of Sri Lanka.

Most Venerable Dr. Acharya Buddharakkhita Mahathera, during late 1940s and early 1950 had studied in Sri Lanka under some of the renown teachers like Venerable Nyanatiloka Maha Thera, Venerable Widurupola Piyatissa Maha Nayaka thera, Venerable Rerukane Chandavimala Maha Nayaka Thera (Abhiddhamma and Upasampada in 1950 under Udarata Amarapura Nikaya. For his exceptional knowledge of TIPITAKA, Bhante Buddharakkhita was conferred title “Acharya” by Udarata Amarapura Nikaya, Sri Lanka in 1951.

His Holiness was very pleased to know the multifarious Dhamma and humanitarian services being carried out by MIMC in the Ladakh region of Himalayans of India. His Holiness blessed Bhikkhu Sanghasena with copy of book Dhammapada translated by his Teacher Most Ven. Acharya Buddharakkhita!!

During his visit to Sri Lanka in 2011, Bhikkhu Sanghasena too was blessed and conferred “Sambuddha Sasana Sobhamana Vishwakeerti Sri and Sangha Nayaka for Jammu and Kashmir by Amarapura Sambuddha Sasanodaya Sangha Committee and Tripitaka Grantha Visharada by Tisarana Buddhist Foundation of Matara.

On this occasion Mahabodhi International meditation Centre – MIMC and Umandawa Global Village – UGV have signed MoU. The two organizations have decided to take up several join activities dedicated to promotion of cultural relationship, Mahakaruna, Meditation, Yoga, World peace and other right livelihood programs.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena was also very much delighted to see old friends most Venerable Sobhita Mahathera, most Venerable Olande Ananda Thero and Sister Ursula.

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