Tuesday, May 21
RBSK team CHC Sankoo organises Health Check-up, awareness prog at GMS Itchoo

RBSK team CHC Sankoo organises Health Check-up, awareness prog at GMS Itchoo


30 Students Screened
Kargil: Aiming to aware students about good Health and Hygiene, Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) team from the Community Health Center Sankoo, Kargil conducted Health Check amongst the students of Government Midle School at Itchoo (Barsoo).

During the Health check, a total of 30 students underwent free medical check-ups & provides free medicines amongst the students of GMS Itchoo which conducted by the RBSK doctors.

Dr Abdur Rawfie, Dr Mohammad Ali, Medical Officer of Community Health Centre Sankoo Kargil, along with pharmacists led the initiative.

The check-ups aimed to assess the health status of the students and provide necessary guidance for maintaining good health.

In addition to the medical screenings, an awareness education on Health and hygiene was conducted at GMS Itchoo.

Where in Dr Abdur Rawfie & Dr Mohammad Ali delivered a lecture emphasizing the importance of health education, covering various aspects such as access to health services, physical and psychological well-being, nutrition, disease prevention, and promoting a healthy environment.

The students were encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, including regular physical activity and balanced nutrition, to ensure overall well-being.

They also made the participants aware as to how they can improve their Health & hygiene.

This initiative reflects the commitment of the administration to prioritize the health and welfare of the younger generation, laying the foundation for a healthier and brighter future.

It would be pertaining to mention here that, RBSK Team of Community Health Centre Sankoo Kargil embarked on a remarkable journey to the remote village of Itchoo in Kargil, trekking through difficult terrain, taking more than three hours to reach Itchoo from Shargandic.

The Itchoo, situated at an altitude of 12,760 feet above sea level—one of the remotest and inaccessible villages in the region.

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