Tuesday, May 28
Quran Reading Competition honours founder Tanzeem-ul-Makatib Maulana Askari in Kargil

Quran Reading Competition honours founder Tanzeem-ul-Makatib Maulana Askari in Kargil


KARGIL: In a commemorative event held at Maktab Imam Zaman Gongma Minji, a Quranic reading competition brought together more than 30 enthusiastic boys and girls on Monday.

This event, organized in remembrance of the anniversary of Founder Tanzeem ul Makatib Maulana Askari, unfolded with grace and honour.

The esteemed gathering was presided over by Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Mohammad Hassan, accompanied by distinguished guests including Sadiq Hardassi, Haji Mohammad Sharif, Anayat Shotopa, Murtaza Fazily, Taqi Khan Nayab, Ali Naqi, Kacho Hussain Khan, Kacho Abass, Master Yousuf and parents. Their presence added a special touch to the occasion, creating an atmosphere of celebration and unity.

Chairman Maktab Imam Zaman, Mohd Ibrahim Sheikh, took the opportunity to shed light on the remarkable achievements of the Maktab. Additionally, he expressed heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable contributions of Molana Mohd Kazim, the dedicated teacher of the Maktab.

A panel of esteemed judges, including Sheikh Mehdi, Ex Councillor Minjee, Kacho Abdullah Khan, and Prof Nasiruddin Khafi, officiated the competition with diligence and fairness. Their expertise ensured a competitive yet fair evaluation of the participants’ Quranic recitations.

During the event, Sheikh Hassan shared the historical significance of Maktab Imam Zaman, one of the pioneer Maktabs in Kargil inaugurated by Sheikh Mohd Mufeed and Sheikh Ali Naqi in the 70s.

He emphasized the continuous service provided by the Maktab to the people of Goma Minjee.

Former Sarpanch Ali Naqi graced the occasion, presenting cash prizes to the participants as a token of recognition for their dedication and proficiency in Quranic recitation.

The ceremony concluded with the felicitation of participants and winners, who were honored with awards and souvenirs, marking the successful culmination of a day dedicated to fostering a love for the Quran and celebrating the legacy of Maulana Askari.

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