Tuesday, June 6
PTM held at Munshi Habibullah Mission Hr Sec School

PTM held at Munshi Habibullah Mission Hr Sec School


KARGIL: A parent Teacher Meeting of class Pre Nursery to UKG and 5TH to 7TH was held to discuss the performance of the students with their parents. Parents were given feedback of their ward’s performances for the test that was recently taken which was based on the winter assignment syllabus.

Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) are a routine part of the school’s yearly calendar and play a huge role in shaping a child’s educational journey and future academic success. Parents know their children’s habits, difficulties and skills like no other.

Teachers act as children’s second parents and observe them for hours every day in the classroom. When teachers and parents develop a strong bridge to help the child excel, it can create wonders. A parent-teacher meeting is a perfect way to discuss the child’s progress, the best ways to help the child, and exchange insights and thoughts about the child’s developmental milestones and academic progress.

The parents and teachers shall regularly collaborate in order for the educational development of their children it provides an assurance to young minds that they have access to reliable support. These meetings help children to understand how deeply their parents care about them and are committed to their well-being.

It was a great interaction between the teacher and the parents for the development of their children where they discussed both the strengths and the areas of improvements.

The progress report of their ward were shown to the parents and all their suggestions were duly noted.
Any sign of a child failing to make progress, regardless of wherever they are be it in the lower, middle or higher marks range were questioned and addressed.

The main aim of this meeting was to discuss the progress of the children at school and what measures must be ensured so that the children studies at home and works harder and also how the parents can help in making their child study.

In the meeting we saw the huge participation of the parent which is highly appreciated. The major points which were discussed were the performance of children in the school, performances of the teachers and the role of parents towards the education in the school.

The PTM came to an end with the conclusion that a joint effort, mutual understanding and co-operation of parents, teachers and the management is very important and necessary for the proper nourishment and progress of the students.

At the end the problems, complaints as well as the suggestions were duly addressed and answered and the parents were assured and promised for the same. The Next Parents teachers meeting will be held on 22nd of May (Monday) 2023 for class 1st to 4th.

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