Tuesday, May 21
Procession taken in Sankoo on Int’l Al-Quds Day

Procession taken in Sankoo on Int’l Al-Quds Day


Kargil: Thousands of faithful joined massive Al-Quds Day rallies at Sankoo Sub Division of Kargil on Friday.

Quds Day procession was taken out after Friday prayers under the banner of Anjuman-e-Sahib Zaman and Markaz-E-Tabligat Imam Reza Sankoo holding a rally on World Quds Day to express support and solidarity with oppressed Muslims of Palestine and other Muslim countries

International Quds Day is a global event where mass anti-Israel protests take place around the world.

The founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, initiated the day of solidarity with Palestine on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

After observing and offered Friday congregational prayer, thousand of people’s including women’s children’s and elder were take to participated.

During the rallies the protesters were raising chanted slogans the “death to Israel,” and “death to America,”

Addressing the gathering religious scholars said,Al-Quds was declared by imam khomeni to express solidarity with people of Gaza, palestinian,Yamen and Behrain and that it has gained acceptance and importance beyond the asiya pacific to european and africa.

The speakers further expressed their resentment over all kinds of atrocities, the unrest in Iraq and Syria or the terrorist attack in India and expressed solidarity with all oppressed people of the world and appealed the government to cut all diplomatic ties with these countries.

The religious scholars further emphasised the importance of Unity among the ummah an also condemned the recent Israeli aggression, communal hatred and extremism.

They further condemned the attempt of the United States and Western Countries to declare Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.

They appealed the United Nations and UN Security Council to responsibly play their role in protection of human rights and interests of Palestinian people.

International Al-Quds day rallies were also held at GMpore,Trespone, Saliskote,Sankoo, Taisuru,and Barsoo.

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