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Poshan Tracker Application training empowers Anganwadi workers in Durbuk

Poshan Tracker Application training empowers Anganwadi workers in Durbuk


Leh: Poshan Tracker Application, a revolutionary mobile application aimed at improving nutrition outcomes among children and women, conducted a successful training session in Durbuk on September 12.

The training, which focused on equipping Anganwadi workers with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the application, witnessed the participation of dedicated workers from all the anganwadi workers of the area.

It was informed that the Poshan Tracker Application has covered four projects, making a significant impact in enhancing the delivery of vital nutrition services to vulnerable communities. The recent training at Durbuk aimed to further expand the reach of this life-changing initiative by empowering local Anganwadi workers with hands-on training.

State Coordinator from the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ankush Shrama conducted the training. His expertise and knowledge proved invaluable in familiarizing the participants with the functionalities of the Poshan Tracker Application, enabling them to efficiently monitor and record crucial data related to the nutritional status of beneficiaries.

During the training, Anganwadi workers were made to walk through various modules of the application, including data entry, monitoring, and reporting functionalities. The session also provided an opportunity for the workers to clarify any doubts and concerns, ensuring their complete understanding of the application’s potential.

Further, it was informed that the Poshan Tracker Application has already made substantial progress in transforming the way Anganwadi workers collect and analyze data pertaining to nutrition services. By streamlining the process, the application enables real-time monitoring and tracking, ensuring timely interventions and improved outcomes for beneficiaries.

Ankush expressed his satisfaction with the enthusiasm demonstrated by the Anganwadi workers during the training. He emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to tackle malnutrition effectively and praised the Poshan Tracker Application for its role in this mission.

The Poshan Tracker Application is a mobile-based platform designed to improve the nutrition outcomes among children and women in India. By digitizing data collection and monitoring processes, the application enables real-time tracking, timely interventions, and improved outcomes.

The initiative aims to support the Government of India’s National Nutrition Mission, focused on reducing malnutrition and improving the overall health of the country’s population.

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