Tuesday, May 21
PM SHRI Govt Middle School Doks Chutumail hosts successful PTM

PM SHRI Govt Middle School Doks Chutumail hosts successful PTM


Doks Chutumail: PM SHRI Government Middle School Doks Chutumail conducted a significant Parent-Teacher meeting today under the leadership of the esteemed Headmaster, Mohd Hussain.

The gathering aimed to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers, address institutional challenges, and strategize on the holistic development and academic excellence of students.

During the meeting, Hussain elucidated the PM SHRI scheme’s advantages, emphasizing its pivotal role in fostering the overall growth of students and propelling the school towards academic distinction.

The session was further graced by the presence of Zonal Education Officer Kargil, Mohd Mussa, and Councillor Yourbaltak, Manzoor ul Hassan.

Both dignitaries attentively listened to the concerns raised and pledged their unwavering support to promptly resolve issues, ensuring that students’ progress remains unaffected.

Mussa lauded the community of Doks Chutumail for their proactive adoption of the PM SHRI scheme, a central government initiative. He encouraged students to persevere in their studies, adhere to their teachers’ guidance, and strive for success.

Manzoor ul Hassan expressed his gratitude towards the villagers and reassured all stakeholders of his commitment to transforming the educational landscape of both the school and the region.

The meeting concluded with the Village Education Committee (VEC) members and parent representatives expressing their appreciation to the guests. They pledged their full support to the school staff, recognizing the importance of collaboration for the betterment of their children’s future.

In a heartfelt gesture, the headmaster, on behalf of the staff and students, extended his gratitude to all attendees for their valuable insights and suggestions aimed at enhancing the welfare of the students and the institution.

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