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PM Shri Govt Middle School conducts ‘Know Your Village’ tour for students

PM Shri Govt Middle School conducts ‘Know Your Village’ tour for students


Doks Chutumail: The PM Shri Government Middle School, Doks Chutumail, conducted an enlightening exposure tour for its students under the theme “Know Your Village” on May 4.

The journey commenced at 10:00 am, embarking from the school premises to traverse the diverse habitats of Doks Chutumail , Yokma and Gongma Bongsik, Fikar, Matang, and Kirkir Spang within the Village Yourbaltak.

Throughout the day, the students, accompanied by their teachers, delved into the rich tapestry of village life. They discovered various species of plants and investigated the village’s water resources, including the workings of manual and motor pumps.

The exploration extended to the architectural marvels of the village, contrasting the old styles with modern methods, and examining the evolution of living standards.

A significant part of the tour involved an interactive session with the staff of the Health and Wellness Centre Chutumail, where students gained insights into communicable diseases and seasonal flus.

The Community Health Officer Miss Hakima Banoo (CHO) of HWC Chutumail imparted knowledge on preventive measures against such ailments.

The curious minds of the students were further enriched as they learned about the diverse species of herbs and shrubs, the anatomy of plant roots and leaves, and the intricacies of water storage systems.

They observed firsthand the traditional and contemporary techniques of irrigation and harvesting, understanding the scarcity of water and its impact on plant survival.

A visit to the Historical Masjid at Fikar allowed the students to appreciate its architectural style and design. They also explored various ponds and streams, the local flour mill known as “Ranthaq”, and its mechanism, gaining an appreciation for the work culture and methods prevalent in the village.

After a communal lunch at Kirkir Spang in Yourbaltak, the team of students and teachers made their way back to the school at 4:00 pm.

The tour was not only enjoyable but also an educational odyssey, where the students expanded their horizons and learned many new things about their village.

About PM Shri Govt. Middle School: PM Shri Govt. Middle School, Doks Chutumail, is dedicated to providing immersive educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom, fostering a deeper understanding of local heritage and environmental stewardship among its students.

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