Tuesday, May 28
Perawan-e-Wilayat hosts Youm-e-Jawaan extravaganza: Celebration of Hazrat Ali Akbar's Birthday

Perawan-e-Wilayat hosts Youm-e-Jawaan extravaganza: Celebration of Hazrat Ali Akbar’s Birthday


KARGIL: Perawan-e-Wilayat successful hosted the Youm-e-Jawaan extravaganza at the Goma Kargil Playground.

In honour of Hazrat Ali Akbar’s birth anniversary, this grand celebration unfolded with a spectacular showcase of athletic competitions, uniting 120 participants aged 7 to 60.

The event, emphasizing participant safety, provided medical facilities, including an ambulance and first aid services, ensuring a secure environment. The Goma Kargil Playground buzzed with excitement as spectators passionately cheered for the participants, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

The festivities extended beyond sports, treating attendees to a delightful array of refreshments, including tea and noodles. The inclusive nature of the event resonated with both the youth and elders, receiving appreciation for its potential as an annual celebration.

Winners of the athletic competitions will be honored during the Youm Jawaan celebration. The day will also feature a competition for Naat and Qasida, adding cultural richness to the festivities.

This event is not just about sports; it is a platform fostering unity, love, and sportsmanship. It aims to ignite interest in physical fitness while celebrating Hazrat Ali Akbar’s legacy.

The Secretary of Perawan e Wilayat expressed heartfelt gratitude to all contributors, including the CMO, DYSSO, Head Master High School Goma Kargil, Syed Mehdi, Jaffar Khan, Younus (Referees), and dedicated volunteers.

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