Saturday, April 13
Perawan-e-Wilayat Goma Kargil hosts grand Roz-e-Jawaan celebration

Perawan-e-Wilayat Goma Kargil hosts grand Roz-e-Jawaan celebration


Goma (Kargil): Perawan-e-Wilayat Goma Kargil, a leading community organization, orchestrated a spectacular event at the Multi-Purpose Hall, MPS Goma Kargil, commemorating the auspicious occasion of Hazrat Ali Akbar’s (AS) birthday, known as Rpz-e-Jawaan.

The celebration unfolded as a multifaceted program, featuring a captivating Naat/Qasida Competition, judged by esteemed personalities including Master Shabir Yabgo, Mohd Amin Khan, and Master Yousuf.

Over 40 participants, spanning two age categories, showcased their talents, adding a cultural and spiritual dimension to the event.

The event not only paid homage to Hazrat Ali Akbar’s legacy but also aimed to guide the youth towards positivity and moral health. Religious Scholar Sheikh Hamid Nasiri, the Chief Guest, shared insightful teachings on Hazrat Ali Akbar’s life, emphasizing its relevance in today’s era.

Chairman Shabir Hussain Yabgo highlighted the motive behind the celebration, emphasizing the redirection of youth from negative influences such as mobiles and drugs toward moral and physical health.

The celebration reached its zenith with the distribution of medals and prizes among the participants and winners, recognizing their efforts and talents.

This event underscores the transformative power of youth, urging society to reflect on guiding and supporting them. It is an opportunity to inspire a legacy of purpose and moral excellence, aligning with the principles embodied by Hazrat Ali Akbar.

Perawan e Wilayat expresses gratitude to all participants, judges, and contributors for making this Roz-e-Jawaan celebration a resounding success.

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