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Multi-lingual Mehfil-e-Mushaira concludes in Kargil

Multi-lingual Mehfil-e-Mushaira concludes in Kargil


Kargil: The two-day District Level Multilingual Mehfil-e-Mushaira organized by Ladakh Cultural Academy on the auspicious occasion of Ramadan-e-Kareem concluded today at Academy Hall, Kargil on Friday.

The event served as a vibrant platform for poets from diverse linguistic backgrounds to encapsulate the virtues and essence of Ramadan through their evocative compositions.

The resonant echoes of poetic verses reverberated through the hall by the participation of 19 poets hailing from various corners of Kargil District. The Mushaira witnessed an amalgamation of poetic expressions in different languages with their lyrical prowess, weaving tales of reverence for Holy Month in languages including Purgi, Balti, Dard Sheen, Dard Aryan, and Urdu.

State Awardee, Ghulam Ahmed Jawan was the chief guest on the occasion while President of Association of Baltis for Himalaya & Territories of Indus (ABHLTI), Bashir Ahmed Wafa was the guest of honor on the occasion. Under their patronage, the event blossomed into a celebration of literary diversity and communal harmony.

Addressing the gathering, State Awardee Ghulam Ahmed Jawan extolled the Ladakh Cultural Academy Kargil for organizing such a significant literary event. He lauded the Ladakh Cultural Academy Kargil for nurturing such platforms for literary expression.

His words resonated with the essence of Ramadan, emphasizing the virtues of self-control, tolerance, and patience, virtues which this sacred month instils in humanity.

He emphasized for pivotal role of men of letters in catalysing positive societal transformation, underscoring the values of self-control, tolerance, and patience epitomized by the Holy Month of Ramadan.

On the occasion, Bashir Ahmed Wafa lauded the Ladakh Cultural Academy Kargil for its consistent efforts in promoting literary activities within the district as well as State and National levels, thereby nurturing a vibrant cultural landscape.

He added the chorus of appreciation and hailed the academy’s efforts in fostering literary endeavors, underscoring the pivotal role of poets in fostering positive societal transformation.

Eminent Purgi poet and writer of Kargil Mohd Ibrahim and a renowned Sheena poet/writer Raza Amjad Budgami graced the presidium during the closing ceremony of the session.

Each poets a maestro in their own right, including luminaries who recited their poetry adorned the gathering with their evocative verses, transcending linguistic barriers to unite hearts in the spirit of Ramadan e Kareem are Ghulam Ahmad Khan Jawan, State Awardee (Sheena), Syed Hadi Shah Aga (Purgi), Bashir Ahmad Wafa (Balti), Ashraf Ali Sagaar (Balti/Urdu), Mukhtar Ahmed Zahid (Sheena/Urdu), Fida Hussain Wazir Fida (Purgi), Fida Ali Karkiti (Sheena/Urdu), Sibte Hassan Kaleem (Balti/Urdu), Mohd Taqi Khan Nayaab (Purgi/Urdu), Ahsaan Ali Bismil (Sheena/Urdu), Ghulam Nabi Zia (Sheena), Sajad Ali Shujaat (Purgi/Balti), (Purgi/Urdu), Tsewang Gailtsen (Dard Aryan), Dr. Elyas Kargili (Urdu), Kacho Ahmadi Najaat (Purgi/Urdu), Ali Asgar (Balti), Ghulam Nabi Skit (Balti), Aga Sayed Kazim (Urdu).

In his welcome address, Deputy Secretary, Ladakh Cultural Academy, Kargil, Nazir Hussain underscored the invaluable contribution of Ladakhi writers and poets in shaping a literate and enlightened Ladakhi society.

He further underlined the significance of literary gatherings in nurturing a healthy society, praising the invaluable contributions of poets in enriching the cultural fabric of Kargil.

He expressed gratitude to the literary fraternity for their unwavering support towards such initiatives, echoing the academy’s commitment in promoting the rich tapestry of art, culture, and languages in the district as well as in UT.

The event drew a diverse audience, including writers, poets, district officials, prominent citizens, and enthusiastic school children, reflecting the widespread resonance of literary and cultural endeavors within the community.

In the tapestry of diverse linguistic heritage, events such as these serve as threads, weaving together a mosaic of cultural understanding and harmony, resonating with the timeless essence of Ramadan-e-Kareem.

Noted scholar Sajad Ali Shujaat conducted the program proceedings of the Multilingual Natiya/Hamdiya Mehfil-e-Mushaira, while Head Assistant, LAACL, Kargil, Zakir Hussain Khan extended heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the Ladakh Academy of Art, Culture & Languages, Kargil to all participants.

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