Friday, May 24
MPHS Saliskote conducts Study Tour at KarcheyKhar, Stangkung Sankoo

MPHS Saliskote conducts Study Tour at KarcheyKhar, Stangkung Sankoo


Kargil:-Mutahhary Public High School Saliskote Organised study tour to Historical Place at KarchayKhar, Styankong, RGyal Bibi tomb, and Maitreya Buddha statue at KarcheyKhar the other day.

The prominent attendees of this one day field visit to these historical landmarks were students of class 10th. Historian and author Muhammad Sadiq Hardasi was as a field expert/resource person.

He has shared the detailed accounts of these historical monuments and villages with students and teachers of the institute. It was a great learning experience for them to know about these hitherto unknown heritage sites.

Karchay Khar is a village in Barsoo Block in the Kargil District of the Union Territory of Ladakh. While referring to the Buddha Statue standing tall in this village, he said the spread of Buddhism from Kashmir to Purig is evident from this statue.

Further, he gave the brief account of rGyal Bibi’s (wife of Thee Sultan Cho) tomb in Kharchey Khar.

During field visit, Master Sadiq Hardasi briefly explained about the oldest mosque in the entire Purig area in Kargil was not only shed light on its historical importance but also helped our students comprehend the cultural and religious evolution of the region.

His ability to connect the past with the present through his vivid descriptions and historical context was truly remarkable.

Furthermore, his emphasis on the religious significance of Styankung village provided our students with a deeper understanding of the area’s cultural fabric and its impact on religious practices. He said that Akhoon Shareef Sahib was the first Iranian Muslim to visit this region from Gilgit Baluchistan and spread the word of Islam.

Hardasi and the successor family of Akhoon Sahib elaborated on the history, arti-facts, and monuments preserved in this village. Students and the staffs were also visited at museum established by the Akhone Shareef’s family.

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