Monday, June 5

Mishra to cut Raj Niwas spendings


LEH: Ever since he took over the reins as the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, Brigadier B D Mishra has gradually established himself as ‘Ladakh’s own’, forming a connection with the people of the union territory like none else, even as the emphasis on the judicious usage of resources like water and power have remained a permanent feature of his addresses, public or private.

In order to set an example for the fellow Ladakhis, Mishra has now ordered an energy audit in Raj Niwas, so as to find an efficient energy system for space heating in the highest constitutional house of the union territory.

Besides seeking a more cleaner and efficient means to keep the Raj Niwas well-heated in the brutally cold weather of Leh, Mishra also aims to cut on operation costs for space heating, Indus Dispatch has learnt.

“This is first of the many such initiatives Mishra contemplates taking up, in order to set an example for the already aware and climate-conscious people of Ladakh,” an official informed this scribe.

As per the official, Mishra had last month, ordered for constitution of a committee to conduct an energy audit of Raj Niwas and to identify an cleaner, alternate energy efficient system for space heating.

The General Administration Department on Wednesday set up the said committee, which will be headed by Ravinder Kumar, Administrative Secretary, Power Development Department, and also the Secretary to the LG and will have two more members including Chief Engineer, Power Development Department and Chief Engineer, Mechanical Department.

“The committee will study and find an alternate energy efficient system to save operation cost for space heating in Raj Niwas,” said the official order in this regard.

Indicating how serious Mishra is in his efforts, the committee has been empowered to take advice and help from experts such as the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in this matter, as well as in getting the energy audit of Raj Niwas done.

The committee has been asked to submit its report within 15 days.

Sources in the Raj Niwas informed this scribe that a man of his word, Mishra wants to lead by example.

“The Lieutenant Governor has been urging people of the union territory to use power and water judiciously; more so, because of the scarce availability of resources in a region like Ladakh. With this move of conducting an energy audit of his own Raj Niwas, he is setting an example for the citizens of Ladakh to follow,” said a source, closely related to the development.

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