Friday, December 8
Member NCM Rinchen Lhamo visits All India Radio Kargil

Member NCM Rinchen Lhamo visits All India Radio Kargil


Terms AIR Kargil as one of the most reliable Media of UT Ladakh
KARGIL: In Ladakh, Member, National Commission for Minorities, Government of India, Rinchen Lhamo Wednesday visited All India Radio Kargil at Baroo.

She appreciated the role of All India Radio Kargil for disseminating important information, Government policies and Schemes and daily happenings to the people.

During an exclusive interview with All India Radio Kargil Rinchen Lhamo said that there will be a State Minority Commission soon in Ladakh as the whole Ladakh UT is comprised of Minority Population.

This will help in reaching out to the last people in the first village of the country to have access with the development schemes implementing the 15-point program formulated by the Union Government aimed to implement the schemes being formulated for the welfare of minorities living in India.

She further said that the NCM primarily works for the welfare of six minorities including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis. The commission runs several programs to provide financial assistance to students belonging to minority communities from which people in Ladakh are not taking much benefit.

Choosing All India Radio for disseminating information is due to its reach upto every people in the remotest villages and being a powerful Media it always help to reach the masses in a easy way.

The Interview can be listened on All India Radio Kargil at 684 and 1584 Medium Wave or on News on AIR Aap at 9 pm on 4th of May 2023.

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