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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan injures himself during shoot in Hyderabad


Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he injured himself on the Hyderabad set of his upcoming film ”Project K” while filming an action sequence and he is recovering at his home here.
In a post on his personal blog, the 80-year-old actor said his ”rib cartilage popped broke” and there is a ”muscle tear to the right rib cage”. Before flying back to Mumbai, Bachchan said the doctor at a Hyderabad-based hospital, where he underwent a CT scan, advised him to rest.
”In Hyderabad at the shoot for Project K, during an action shot, I have got injured .. rib cartilage popped broke and muscle tear to the right rib cage .. canceled shoot .. did Doctor consult and scan by CT at the AIG Hospital in Hyderabad and flown back home .. strapping has been done and rest been advocated .. (sic)” he wrote.
The actor, whose last cinematic release was the 2022 blockbuster ”Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva”, said he is in pain but ”mobile a bit for all the essential activities”.
”.. yes painful .. on movement and breathing .. will take some weeks they say before some normalisation will occur .. some medication is on also for pain .. (sic) ”So all work that was to be done has been suspended and cancelled, dropped postponed for the moment until healing occurs .. I rest at Jalsa and am mobile a bit for all the essential activities .. but yes in rest and generally lying around ..” he added.
Owing to the injury, the star also gave his Sunday meet-and-greet with fans stationed outside his Juhu bungalow Jalsa a miss.
”I feel your presence at the Jalsa gate .. but shall be unable to show the face ..” he added.
Directed by Nag Ashwin, ”Project K” also stars Prabhas and Deepika Padukone. It is set to hit the screens on January 12, 2024. (Agencies)

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