Tuesday, May 21
Medical department empowers community healthcare through Jan Arogya Samiti Training Session

Medical department empowers community healthcare through Jan Arogya Samiti Training Session


Leh: The Medical Department of Leh organized a comprehensive Training of Trainers (TOT) session on Jan Arogya Samiti (JAS) at the CMO Conference Hall.

Led by Dr. Norboo Angchok, the session delved into the intricacies of Ayushman Bharat Jan Arogya Samiti, offering an overview of its structure, ecosystem of primary healthcare, and the pivotal role of community platforms.

Participants gained insights into the current status and functioning of JAS, its constitution, objectives, and capacity building initiatives.

The backdrop of the Ayushman Bharat initiative highlighted the ongoing transformation of Sub Health Centers (SHC), Primary Health Centers (PHC), and Urban Primary Health Centers (UPHC) into AB-HWCs, emphasizing the imperative need for Jan Arogya Samiti.

Dr. Angchok elucidated on the structure, composition, and key objectives of JAS across different healthcare levels, emphasizing its role in ensuring people’s participation in healthcare planning and monitoring.

Furthermore, the session addressed the roles of Medical Officers and Community Health Officers, underscoring the significance of their contributions within the healthcare system.

Quality service provision at AB-HWCs was discussed in detail, covering aspects such as service provision, patient rights, clinical services, infection control, and quality management.

Inter-sectoral convergence in health emerged as a crucial theme, highlighting the necessity, mechanisms, and challenges of collaboration across various sectors for holistic healthcare delivery.
Administrative issues, expenditure review, and grievance redressal mechanisms within JAS were also focal points, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability in healthcare delivery.

The Training of Trainers session served as a platform to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance the functioning of Jan Arogya Samiti, thereby bolstering community engagement and improving healthcare outcomes. Attendees included BMO’s, MO UPHC and concerned officials/officers.

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