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Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali commemorated with religious fervour, advocacy for peace

Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali commemorated with religious fervour, advocacy for peace


Kargil: The commemoration of the Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Ali witnessed a gathering of devout believers and advocates for peace in Kargil district.

Led by President Jamiyat Ullama Isna Ashriya Kargil (JUIAK) Ladakh, Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslameen Sheikh Nazir Ul Mehdi Mohammadi, the event underscored the timeless teachings of Hazrat Ali as a path to global peace and harmony.

Addressing the attendees, Sheikh Nazir Ul Mehdi emphasized the enduring relevance of Hazrat Imam Ali’s teachings in today’s turbulent world. “The world should follow the teachings and administrative skills of Hazrat Imam Ali to make this world a peaceful and harmonious place for humanity,” stated Sheikh Nazir.

He called upon people to embrace the true essence of Islam, rooted in peace and harmony as exemplified by Prophet Mohammad SAW and the 12 ineffable.

Expressing concern over global conflicts and suffering due to terrorism, Sheikh Nazir condemned human rights violations and massacres, particularly in regions like Syria and Palestine.

He urged individuals to turn to the teachings found in Nehjul Balagha of Hazrat Imam Ali, which offer profound insights into leading a life of dignity and prosperity.

The commemorative event included a Mourning Procession, where people from all over Kargil gathered at Isna Ashriya Chowk with religious fervour. Participants engaged in traditional acts of mourning, including beating chests and backs with chains, as they processed through the streets and main bazaar of Kargil.

Despite fasting and scorching heat, the procession culminated at Inqilab Manzil, symbolizing the unity and devotion of the community.

Before the procession, special arrangements were made for prayers and Aamal-e-Shab-e-Qadir at the Isna Ashriya Campus, attended by thousands of devotees. Special prayers were offered for peace and communal harmony, reflecting the collective aspirations for a better world.

Similar processions and prayers were organized at the village and block levels by Hozia Ilmia Asna Ashriya Kargil, reaffirming the commitment to the principles of Islam and the pursuit of peace.

In closing, General Secretary JUIAK Ladakh Sheikh Ibrahim Khalili extended gratitude to the administration, police, health department, municipal community, volunteers, and media for their invaluable support in ensuring the peaceful and successful conclusion of the event.

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