Saturday, April 13
Martyrdom anniversary of Harzat-e-Imam Ali (AS) observed at Sankoo

Martyrdom anniversary of Harzat-e-Imam Ali (AS) observed at Sankoo


SANKOO: As the rest of the Annual anniversary of Martyrdom of Harzat-e-Imam Ali(A.S) observed at Sankoo subdivision of Kargil.

Earlier yesterday in all villages of in Sankoo Sub Division special prayers were arranged for the whole night and people participated in these prayers and prayed for Gaza, special prayers were offered for peace and communal harmony, reflecting the collective aspirations for a better world.

Religious Congregations Processions were taken out at Sankoo by Anjuman-E-Sahib Zaman (ASZ) Markaz-E-Tabligat Imam Reza Sankoo.

Thousands of people’s participated in the procession. The mourners in black-clads, beating their chest and reciting lamentations remembered the greatest martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S).

Religious scholars throw light on Imam Ali’s life, values and Principals of equality and justice.

Youm-e-shadat Harzart-e-Imam Ali (A.S) were also witnessed at Suru, Tai suru, Parkachik, Purtikchay, Thangboo, Kargee, Tangole, Barsoo, Sangrah, Trespone, GMpore, Tambis, Saleskote and IZEC Lankerchey, Sankoo, Kargil.

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