Tuesday, May 21
Market checking squad conducts inspection in Kargil market

Market checking squad conducts inspection in Kargil market


Kargil: In order to ensure adherence to food safety standards in the holy month of Ramadhan, the Market Checking Squad Kargil, on the direction of District Administration Kargil, carried out a comprehensive inspection on March 21, 2024.

The inspection was aimed at addressing violations and promoting good hygiene practices among traders, shopkeepers, and vendors within the district.

During the inspection, a total of ₹ 16,000 were compounded under Section 69 of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006.

Soji, Sonpapdi, oil, and other items suspected of non-compliance with food safety standards were seized during the inspection.

Approximately 20 kg of perishable items, deemed unsafe for consumption or failing to meet quality standards, were promptly destroyed. During the inspection drive, two establishments were temporarily closed for improvement.

In response to violations, two civil/criminal cases were filed against individuals found guilty of selling expired products and operating in unsanitary and unhygienic conditions.

The Shopkeepers and Hoteliers were warned by FCS&CA Officials to refrain from illegal use of domestic cylinders at their business outlets.

The inspection was successfully executed by a dedicated team, including the Additional Director FS&CA, Khanzada Usman, Executive Officer Municipal Committee, Shafqat, Designated Officer Food Safety Kargil, Nayeem Ahmad, SHO, Abdullah, and other officers and staff from various departments.

In addition to enforcement actions, traders, shopkeepers, and vendors were sensitized during the inspection about good hygiene and packaging practices, adherence to Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and expiry dates, and the importance of maintaining the quality and aesthetics of edible items. Such awareness initiatives contribute to promoting a culture of food safety and hygiene within the district.

The Squad is committed to conducting future drives in collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure sustained compliance with food safety standards.

The general public has expressed appreciation for the timely initiative, recognizing the efforts of the authorities in safeguarding their well-being.

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