Saturday, April 13
LSWSD celebrates Annual Day, Losar, Sanghasena addresses students, guests

LSWSD celebrates Annual Day, Losar, Sanghasena addresses students


LEH: The Annual Day cum Losar Ladakhi New Year celebrations was organized by Ladakh Students Welfare Society Delhi (LSWSD) at Shah Auditorium, Delhi.

While addressing the large gathering of students and guests in Shah Auditorium, Delhi, Bhikkhu Sanghasena on February 12, 2024 urged the students to study hard and not to waste their precious time.

But he warned the students pursuing merely academic excellent with intention to get a job and to earn money is not enough. Students must also acquire inner spiritual values by practicing Meditation, Yoga, Karuna, Maitri and Ahimsa.

He said, “Science without spirituality is incomplete and spirituality without science is also incomplete. Science and spirituality must come together.”

Your gadgets like 3G, 4G, 5G without Guru G will prove more harmful than useful. The Great Scientist Albert Einstein said “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind’, he added.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena concluded his speech by wishing and blessing all the students to grow in such way: Physically strong, Mentally brilliant, Emotionally Equanimeous, Culturally rich, Morally lofty, Spiritually enlightening, Socially active, Religiously harmonious, Materially prosperous, Globally friendly, Environmentally conscious, and Psychologically peaceful.

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