Tuesday, May 21
LS Polls: ADDC Sonam Nurboo convenes meeting with AERO Leh

LS Polls: ADDC Sonam Nurboo convenes meeting with AERO Leh


LEH: The Additional District Development Commissioner (ADDC), Leh, Sonam Nurboo convened a meeting with all the Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (AERO), Leh regarding Voting Facility to the Absentee Voters through Postal Ballot in the video conference room, DC office, Leh on April 22.

The primary objective of the meeting was to collect form 12-D from all the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) and submit it to the Returning Officer as soon as possible.

Absentee voters are defined as a people belonging to the class of senior citizen (AVSC) who is defined as any elector under 85 years of age or person with disability (AVPD) who is defined as persons having benchmark disability certificate (Not less than 40% of a specified disability).

It was also added that in case a person doesn’t want to avail the home voting facility, the option of going to the polling station is also provided.

Further, it was informed that the form 12-D should be submitted to the essential category voters and to ensure the receipt of such forms till 5 days from the date of notification of elections.

It was emphasized that the absentee voters should meet all the criteria provided, such as the age requirement and all the essential medical certificates.

The meeting was attended by Tehsildar Leh, Dorjay Gailson; Tehsildar Kharu, Sonam Dorjay; Tehsildar Durbuk, Mohd Ismail and NaibTehsildar Kharu, Abdul Rehman.

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