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‘Local community involvement must to promote border tourism in Ladakh’

‘Local community involvement must to promote border tourism in Ladakh’


LEH: Ladakh is a beautiful Union Territory that attracts a large number of tourists every year including to border areas of the region. However, due to its location on the border with neighboring countries, a large portion of the border area remains restricted for tourists.

Despite this, there has been a growing interest in promoting border tourism in Ladakh and the center and the UT governments have been taking valuable initiatives to promote border tourism.

Border tourism refers to the promotion of tourism in areas that are located on the border between two countries.

A Kargil resident said that for promoting border tourism in Ladakh is in a hurdled by the lack of infrastructure in the region. The area is remote and difficult to access. “The roads are often closed due to landslides or snow and avalanches, and there is merely any reliable public transportation system. This makes it difficult for tourists to travel to and around the region,” the resident said.

As per the reports there is a serious need to raise awareness among people about the region. Many tourists are not aware of the beauty and rich culture of Ladakh.

There are security concerns that need to be addressed when taking into consideration to promote the border tourism. The area is heavily militarized due to its proximity to the border with China and Pakistan. This can be intimidating for tourists and may discourage them from visiting the region, said another local from Leh.

“The government needs to ensure the safety of tourists visiting Ladakh. This can be done by deploying additional security personnel in the region and establishing checkpoints at strategic locations,” the local suggested.

To promote the border tourism, the resident suggested that the local community should be involved in promoting tourism in the region at local level, besides it would develop a sense of safety among the visiting tourists. “We can provide tourists with information about the local culture and traditions, as well as offer homestays and other forms of accommodation.”

Moreover, the authorities along with the security agencies need development infrastructure in the region including improving road connectivity, and providing reliable public transportation at local level, the resident asserted.

At national and international level, only few are the places known only where tourists visit and leave, the resident said and added that there is a need to promote hundreds of local places in Ladakh as tourist destinations. “The government can also collaborate with travel, tour agencies to offer packages that highlight the beauty and culture of the region at local level,” he added.

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