Friday, June 2
Army, Leh Police rescues stranded passengers from Changla Axis

Leh Police, Army rescue stranded passengers from Changla Axis


LEH: Since last evening, District Police Leh successfully rescued hundreds of stranded passengers, including women, children and tourists from the treacherous Changla Axis.

The rescue operation became necessary due to continuous intermittent snowfall over the past two days, resulting in icy and slippery road conditions.

Several vehicles, including taxis and private cars, especially those belonging to tourists, became immobilized at Changla Top.

In response to the emergencies caused by the inclement weather and intermittent snowfall, exacerbated by icy road condition, police team from Kharu and Tangste police posts swiftly rushed to Changla Top.

Their primary objective was to rescue and evacuate the stranded passengers with particular focus on women, children and tourists. Those with self-driven cars were transferred to police vehicles and local taxis, which transported them to safer areas.

Private vehicles were also safely driven to secure locations with the assistance of local drivers. Moreover, priority was given to tourists and children experiencing medical complications, ensuring their timely evacuation towards Leh.

The rescue operation continued until late at night or early morning the next day, owing to the significant influx of tourists and local passengers requiring assistance.

It is noteworthy that besides the UTDRF rescue team of Ladakh Police, the Army and GREEF rescue team also actively participated in the rescue operation. Through their collective efforts, no untoward incidents occurred, and all the passengers were safely evacuated to Leh.

Leh Police, Army rescue stranded passengers from Changla AxisLadakh Police urges tourists and the general public to adhere to weather advisories and plan their journeys accordingly and to ensure safer travel experiences.

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