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Ladakh is Mother: Ravinder Kumar Dangi pens emotional farewell to Ladakh

Ladakh is Mother: Ravinder Kumar Dangi pens emotional farewell to Ladakh


LEH: In a heartfelt message, Ravinder Kumar Dangi, who has recently been transferred from his post in the Ladakh Union Territory, expressed his deep appreciation for the region and its people.

Dangi’s emotional farewell note highlighted the warmth and hospitality he experienced during his tenure in Ladakh.

As a farewell message, Ravinder said that Ladakh hugged me with large arms and gave me comfort, and there is no feeling of separation, as Ladakh has become a part of me.

His words reflect the strong bond he formed with the local community during his time in the territory.
Dangi’s message also emphasized the unique challenges and opportunities of working in the region, as well as the beauty of Ladakh’s landscapes and the resilience of its people. His departure marks the end of an era for Ladakh, where he was known for his dedication and commitment to the development of the area.

The government department s and local community expressed gratitude for Dangi’s service and wished him well in his future endeavours. His emotional note serves as a testament to the positive impact he had on the lives of the people in Ladakh.

“Ladakh is Mother who hugged me with large arms and gave me comfort and took care of me and I became part of it. Ladakh never let me felt that I am from Northern plains. There is no feeling of separation,” Ravinder wrote on his social media handle X.

It has power to call you again and again. It has left indelible impact on me and my family. Ladakh and Ladakhi People have given so much love to me and my family in these years, he said and added, “I bow to express my gratitude and offer Khatak to all Dear Ladakhi People, who have been part of my Journey. You are part of me. Pray for your wellbeing and happiness Will miss you all. Jullay.”

Life Journey will continue with more power and new life experiences and as better human being., he said and added that thin Air of Ladakh is full of love and has very strong spiritual power , which connects to you with God and gives you peace and reason to grow in life.

LAHDC Leh on April 8, bid warm adieu to Ravinder Kumar (IAS), Secretary to LG Ladakh following his transfer from UT Administration Ladakh to New Delhi. The CEC Leh recounted Secretary Ravinder Kumar’s remarkable contributions to transforming various sectors of Ladakh, including Sports, Power Development, Animal/Sheep Husbandry, Cooperatives, and Civil Aviation.


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