Tuesday, June 6
Labour Department Leh celebrates World Labour Day

Labour Department Leh celebrates World Labour Day


Leh: Labour Department, Leh celebrates International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day Monday at Office complex of the Assistant Labour Commissioner, Leh.

The event was organised to honor the achievements and contributions of workers and to support workers’ rights, fair wages, safe working conditions and other basic rights of workers. The event was attended by large number of workers.

On this special day, Deputy Labour Commissioner, Ladakh, Shakeel Ahmed, and Assistant Labour Commissioner, Leh, Delex Namgyal were present.

ALC Delex Namgyal spoke about the legal rights and remedies available to the workers. He stressed about ensuring safe working conditions by workers at various work sites.

The Officials of the Department visited various construction sites and establishments in Leh were also visited for generation awareness among the workers and employers.

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