Wednesday, December 6
KVK Kargil-II organizes six animal health camps

KVK Kargil-II organizes six animal health camps


Kargil: Six animal health camps were organized by KVK Kargil-II (Zanskar) in collaboration with Animal Husbandry Department Zanskar at Sani, Ufti of Padum constituency, Surly of Cha Constituency and Rangdum, Parkachy of Parkachy constituency.

The camps were aimed to gain understanding of the general livestock health status, management practices and prevalent diseases/problems in the area, so that livestock-related intervention could be taken up systematically.

The organization of animal health camp expected to be helpful for not only in disseminating information on general health and production issues, but also in providing actual services to livestock owners who otherwise had limited access to veterinary service facilities.

KVK Kargil-II organizes animal health camps every year and with other veterinary department resources persons. This animal health camp marked a significant milestone in such remotest areas where access to basic amenities is limited.

The joint efforts of the KVK Scientist Dr Shabber Hussain and Livestock Department Officer Dr Asgar Din ensured that all sick and poor animals get free check-ups and consultations.

About 300 farmers were present during the five-day camp. They were educated on different topics like good livestock management practice, clean milk production as well as various farmer-oriented schemes of Animal Husbandry Department.

Free-of-cost mineral mixtures, emergency medicines and animal feed under TSP Project were distributed among the beneficiaries at end of each camp by KVK Kargil-II (Zanskar) SKUAST-K.

The tribal farming communities under the jurisdiction of KVK showed great interest and participation throughout the camps and expressed gratitude to the KVK and Livestock Department Zanskar for organizing Animal Health camps.

Nambardar Sani, Sarpanch Ufti, Panch Surly, Panch and Sarpanch Tashi Stongday, Jooldoo Rangdum and Parkachik constituencies expressed gratitude for organizing such animal health camp and free distribution of medicines and animal feed.

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