Monday, March 27

KVK holds 1st Awareness Programme on Natural farming Techniques at Goma Kargil


Kargil: In Ladakh, KVK Kargil 1st organized a day-long awareness programme under Natural Farming Gangshan Goma Kargil Saturday, where more than 40 farmers participated.

During the programme Dr Nazir Hussain Scientist Agronomy KVK 1st Kargil briefly explained about the Importance of Natural Farming, Crop rotation and its management, Water conservation techniques and Organic pest management methods.

Dr Nazir said that the Government is focusing on Natural Farming Techniques and in UT Ladakh Administration is focused on making Ladakh an organic UT of India and Natural farming is the best way to achieve this target.

He further said that Natural Farming is a chemical-free and traditional farming method. 

It is considered as agro-ecology based diversified farming system which integrates crops, trees and livestock with functional biodiversity.

One of the progressive farmers Nargis Fatima thanked KVK Kargil for organising the first such demonstration and awareness programme in Kargil Town and urged upon the departments to organise such workshops in Kargil town also as they are witnessing such trainings by different departments in rural areas.

At the end the programme was extended with demonstration of different decoctions like Jeevamrit, Ghanjeevamrit, Beejamrit and Agniaster.

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