Monday, October 2
Kargil hospitals to observe nationwide Ayushman Bhava campaign

Kargil hospitals to observe nationwide Ayushman Bhava campaign


Kargil: Chief Medical Officer Kargil has impressed upon all DDOS of the Health Department Kargil that all the health institutions of the district shall observe the nationwide Ayushman Bhava campaign.

Four CHCs and two PHCs would organize mega health mala on a rotational basis to cover all the Medical Blocks of the district.

Dissemination and display of IEC material has been done as per proposed activities and calendar while the training of all the staff /PMAM under AB-PMJAY has been completed.

Proposed camps would be organized for left-out beneficiaries under AB-PMJAY (Ayushman Apke Dwar 3.0) and ABHA ID generation at all H&WC/Health facilities including PHCs, CHCs and District Hospital Kargil

All the Health and Wellness Centres will organize weekly melas (Ayushman Mela). Ayushman Saba, a village-level Sabha (Gram Saba) for rural areas with VHSNCS of all villages to enhance awareness about health schemes including health cards and ABHA IDs.

Ayushman Gram /Wads would be held for successful implantation of Ayushman Bhava in urban wards with saturation of selected health indicators i.e distribution of Ayushman Cards, ABHA IDs, screening of hypertension and diabetes, TB identification, Sickel cell diseases etc.

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