Wednesday, December 6
Kacho Ahmed Ali Khan inaugurates Community Hall at Tumail Colony

Kacho Ahmed Ali Khan inaugurates Community Hall at Tumail Colony


KARGIL: In another act of service to the masses, the former CEC Kargil, former Councillor Yurbaltaq, Alhaj Kacho Ahmed Ali Khan on the other day inaugurated Community Hall and Maktab Isna Ashriya Noor-e- Saqlain Tumail Colony Kargil Ladakh.

He congratulated all the inhabitants of Noor-e- Saqlain Colony and assured that he will continue to serve the people in whatever capacity and whenever needed. Ali also said that those who had labelled him as BJP’s proxy candidate and fought the election with anti-BJP narrative had themselves aligned with BJP candidate to win the election.

Moreover, speaking on the occasion, he appealed the inhabitants to utilise this Community Hall with personal care and proper maintenance, which has been constructed by his personal endeavour like thousands of other works, which, as usual has been constructed by the demands of the people only.

Mohd Ali welcomed the Chief Guest and later also thanked Alhaj Kacho Ahmed Ali Khan for this Community Hall/ Maktab which will help the inhabitants in many ways. He also thanked Khan for the multitudes of services which he has rendered touching almost every person of Sodh area in particular and District Kargil in general.

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