Wednesday, December 6
JUIA Kargil protests against Shia Muslims genocide in Parachinar

JUIA Kargil protests against Shia Muslims genocide in Parachinar


KARGIL: Members of Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil (JUIAK) organized a protest following Friday prayers to condemn the ongoing Shia genocide perpetrated by the Taliban in Parachinar, Pakistan.

Hundreds of Shia Muslims participated in the demonstration, passionately voicing their grievances against the Pakistani state for its failure to halt the ethnic cleansing of Shia Muslims in Parachinar.

During the protest, Sajjad Kargili, a member of JUIAK, expressed deep concern about the oppression faced by Shia Muslims in both Gaza and Parachinar, areas that have been seized by Israel and the Taliban, respectively.

He highlighted the dire situation in Parachinar, where the Taliban have denied the local population, mostly Shia Muslims, access to essential resources such as food, roads, and other basic necessities.

President, JUIAK, Sheikh Nasir Mehdi Mohammadi, addressing the gathering, lamented that Pakistan, once hailed as the land of Muslims and Sharia, has now become a graveyard for Shia Muslims. He strongly condemned the alarming trend of targeted killings against Shia Muslims and minorities, emphasizing the urgent need to put an end to these heinous acts.

Sheikh Nazir further raised concerns about the lack of essential medical facilities, specifically mentioning the unavailability of CT Scan and MRI machines at the District Hospital Kargil. He appealed to the administration to address this issue promptly, emphasizing the importance of accessible healthcare for the local community. (VoL)

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