Monday, October 2
Journalists from Kargil felicitate member of Sarhad Pune

Journalists from Kargil felicitate members of Sarhad Pune


KARGIL: In Ladakh, Working Journalists of Kargil organised a felicitation programme for the Members of Sarhad Pune and other guests from Pune at Kargil Tuesday.

On this occasion Senior Journalist from Pune and Chief Editor Sakal News Shri Ram Pawar, President Arham Foundation Dr Shailesh Pagariya, Anuj Nahar, Trustee Sarhad, Suyog Gundecha, Abay Nahar and others were present along with SDM Shakar Chiktan Abdul Gafar Zargar, AD Information Kargil Padma Angmo, AO to DC Kargil Shamim Wazir, Syed Mehraj Shah, Senior Journalist Ghulam Nabi Zia, Copy Editor AIR Kargil Anayat Ali, Editor STV Ladakh Nasir Zaidi and Correspondent DD News Leh Mansoor Ahmad Lamkha were present.

While Interacting with the Guest from Pune, Senior Journalist Ghulam Nabi Zia thanked the people of Pune in Particular and Maharashtra in General for showering their love for the Land of Kargil and its people.

He further said that Transforming Kargil from a War Zone to a famous Tourist Destination, Sarhad has a great Role and thanked Sanjay Nahar and his team for working tirelessly for the upliftment of the Tourism Sector of Kargil.

Anayat Ali while talking on this occasion appreciated the gesture and love provided by the people of Pune during their tour during winter to Pune and recalled that a person has come all along from America to only host a dinner for the people of Kargil.

This shows the respect people of Maharashtra has for the people of Kargil and this Land of Martyrs and this facilitation is just a small token of Love towards that gesture.

Dr Shailesh Pagariya thanked the Working Journalist of Kargil for organizing such a Felicitation Ceremony and said that its the efforts of all the stakeholder that Sarhad has reached to the success of making the Kargil International Marathon a name at International Marathon Calendar and People of Pune always Loves and respect the people of Kargil and this land of Martyrs.

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