Tuesday, May 21
JMPS Goma Kargil successful hosts holy Quran recitation contest

JMPS Goma Kargil successful hosts holy Quran recitation contest


Students shine in display of faith, talent, earn praise from distinguished guests
KARGIL: In a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence, JMPS Goma Kargil recently organized a Holy Quran recitation contest that captivated participants and attendees alike.

The event, was graced by the esteemed presence of Hotjatul Islam Syed Kazim al Mosavi and Hotjatul Islam Sheikh Murtaza Hakeemi, who commended the students for their exemplary performances.

A diverse group of students showcased their recitation skills with grace and devotion. Among the standout participants were Syed Yasir Abbas, Muneeba Khatoon, M. Faisal Ali, Fatima Nisa, Zaheer Abbas, Shireen Fatima, Mehvish Majani, Mohd Sarfaraz, Meesam Abbas Khan, Mohd Shamim, Zainab Khatoon, Syed Sahbir Mosavi, and Muneer Hassan. Their heartfelt renditions resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.

The distinguished guests expressed their admiration for the students’ dedication and enthusiasm, lauding their efforts in upholding the sanctity of the Quran.

As a token of appreciation, medals and certificates were presented to the participants, symbolizing their commitment to excellence and spiritual growth.

Chairman Abbas Ali Khan extended his heartfelt appreciation to the teachers for their unwavering dedication in providing quality education and shaping the school into a beacon of inspiration.

Their collective efforts have not only enriched the lives of the students but also reinforced the school’s reputation as a center of academic and spiritual excellence.

The program concluded on a poignant note with the recitation of Du’a Faraj, reaffirming the school’s commitment to nurturing holistic development and instilling values of compassion, integrity, and perseverance in its students.

As the echoes of the recitations lingered in the air, it became evident that the Holy Quran recitation contest at JMPS Goma Kargil was more than just a competition—it was a celebration of faith, talent, and unity, inspiring all present to strive for greater heights in both spiritual and academic endeavours.

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