Monday, May 27
Intra-mural sports event concludes at GDC Zanskar

Intra-mural sports event concludes at GDC Zanskar


Kargil: The department of Physical Education and Sports GDC Zanskar organized its Intra-Mural sports event in the college campus. The event comprised table tennis (men/women) and Vollyball (Men/Women) tournament.

Pertinently, during her visit to the college on 09 May, 2024, Padma Angma, Commissioner/Secretary Higher Education & Technical Education officially inaugurated the tournament.

Four team of men and women participated in both single and double category of table tennis. All the teams exhibited exemplary sportsmanship with intense matches and friendly competition among the teams.

The final match in women single category was won by Zafina Akhtar of team Penzila defeating Zahida Bano of team Singey la, while in double category team Penzila won against team Singey la in a thrilling match.

Lobzang Dorjay of team Singey La declared winner after defeating Stanzin Phonchok of team Omasila in the men single category, while Stanzin Latsok & Punchok of team Penzila won the double category by defeating Dorjay & Stanzin Olden of team Omasila.

Similarly in women’s volleyball tournament, team Penzila House won the final match against Team Omasila House, while in men’s tournament team Singey La house won the final match by defeating team Penzila house in a thrilling match.

The sports event concluded today under the supervision of Mustafa Ali Director Physical Education of the college. He appreciated and encouraged students for their enthusiastic participation.

He also promised that more such activities will continue in future. He also acknowledged the principal for support.

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