Monday, June 5
In Kargil, protesting Vegetable, Fruit Shop Owners shut shops for hours

In Kargil, protesting Vegetable, Fruit Shop Owners shut shops for hours


Demanded ban on road side selling of vegetables in Load Carriers
KARGIL: In Ladakh, Merchant Association Kargil supporting the Vegetable Shop Owners of Kargil held a protest and closed all their vegetable and fruit shops in Kargil Town for 2 hours.

The protest was held against the selling of vegetables and fruits in Pickup Vehicles at Petrol Pump area and other road side areas of Kargil town. Mohd Yasin led the protest.

Yasin said that despite paying taxes and all formalities and cordialities of the government the shop owners are suffering since these vendors are selling in load carries.

He requested the administration to either ban these load carriers else they will close their shop and let them run the business.

He further said despite of a short working period particularly for the vegetable and fruit sellers they are facing such issues during the main season and those illegal businesses are earning huge profit without paying a single penny.

Meanwhile Tehsildar Kargil Kacho Asgar and SHO Kargil Inspector T Stanzin reached the spot and tried to resolve the issue and assured the Association that Administration will not allow the Load Carriers to operate from road side within Kargil Town vicinity.

Tehsildar Kargil Kacho Asgar Ali while talking to media said that the Load Carriers will not be allowed to operate on road side within the vicinity of Kargil town and asked them to continue their business in village areas only.

SHO T Stanzin said that they will start special drive to enforce the order of the administration and ensured to implement the order in letter and spirit.

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