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In digital era, villages in Ladakh UT deprived of cellular network

In digital era, villages in Ladakh UT deprived of cellular network


KARGIL: Among other challenges Ladakh union territory faces, one of these is the lack of cellular network connectivity in many villages of the UT in digital era. This issue has caused significant problems for the people living in these areas, especially in the digital age when communication is critical.

In villages including Barsoo, Taisuru, Stakpa, Tangol and other areas the people face severe problems due to lack of cellular connectivity in the digital age where network and internet is critically important and of utmost significance.

One of the residents from Kargil said that the lack of cellular network connectivity in here has made it difficult for people to communicate and feel disconnected with the world. For instance, people cannot call their family members or friends who live in other villages or cities. They cannot even contact emergency services in case of any medical or other emergencies. This problem is particularly acute for people who live in remote villages where there are no landline telephones or internet connectivity.

“The lack of cellular network connectivity affects businesses in these areas. Many businesses, especially those that rely on online transactions, have suffered due to the lack of internet connectivity. The absence of cellular network connectivity has also hampered the growth of the tourism industry in Ladakh,” he said, adding, “Tourists who come to visit the region often face difficulties in communicating or booking their travel tickets online.

However, to overcome, the government has taken several measures like launch of the Ladakh Fiber Grid project. The project was aimed to provide high-speed internet connectivity to the entire Ladakh region, including remote villages. The government has also set up several Wi-Fi hotspots in various areas to provide internet connectivity to people, he said and questioned what about the areas which still lack cellular connectivity.

Apart from the government’s efforts, private companies have also taken steps to improve network connectivity in the region. For instance, Jio, one of the leading cellular network providers in India, has launched its services in Ladakh. The company has installed several towers in various parts of the region to provide network connectivity to people, but still it doesn’t cater all villages.

There is still a long way to go in improving network connectivity in Ladakh UT. The region’s challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions make it difficult to install and maintain cellular towers.

The lack of round the clock electricity in many villages also hampers the installation of these towers. The government should work towards providing uninterrupted power supply to these areas to facilitate the installation of cellular towers, said another resident and added that in digital age they don’t even have cellular connectivity.

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