Monday, October 2

ICDS Project Kargil organizes Pooshan Maah Maha Mela


KARGIL: In Ladakh, ICDS Project Kargil Block organised Pooshan Maah Maha Mela for Kargil Town at ICDS Centre Hatoo Goma Kargil, based on the themes of exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding, Test, and Treat, Talk Anemia, and Overall Nutrition Wednesday.

On this occasion, a Special medical camp regarding Anemia was also organised during which on-the-spot blood testing and growth measurement of the participants were also conducted.

During this Mela, light was shed on the significance of Poshan Maah and various essential aspects of the scheme. One of the beneficiaries on this occasion said that the Poshan Maah initiative continues to be a beacon of hope and health for the region’s children and mothers, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve.

Traditional food and green leafy vegetables were also displayed by the AWWs and AWHs to draw the attention of the local masses toward the importance of the inclusion of locally available foods in daily life.

ICDS Kargil, Nargis Banoo, District Immunisation Officer, Dr Jaleel, and other officials participated in the event. ICDS beneficiaries comprising Pregnant and Nursing women along with children were also present at the event.


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