Wednesday, December 6
GST Awareness Programme to Traders of Leh organised by State Taxes Department

GST Awareness Programme to Traders of Leh organised by State Taxes Department


Leh: The State Taxes Department of UT Ladakh conducted a comprehensive Goods and Services Tax (GST) Awareness Programme for traders in Leh at DC office Conference Hall, Leh and was organised under the guidance of Commissioner Secretary, State Taxes Ladakh, Kacho Mehboob Ali Khan.

In his opening remarks, Assistant Commissioner, State Taxes UT Ladakh, Fesal Iqbal Tantray underscored the significance of maximizing the benefits of the training program. The initiative aimed to equip traders with a thorough understanding of various GST aspects.

The training covered essential aspects such as GST Registration, GST Rates, Tax Invoices, Types of Taxpayers, GST Input Tax Credit, GST Returns, Tax rates on accommodation services and Contract Services. Stanzin Sherap, Inspector delivered the training through a detailed PowerPoint presentation to traders, hoteliers, contractors, and taxpayers of Leh.

He also highlighted the importance of accurate record-keeping and the proper issuance of tax invoices Throughout the session, Phuntsog Namgail, State Taxes Officer, Leh, and Zulfikar Ali, Inspector, actively engaged with the audience, addressing queries and providing clarifications. The program saw active participation from members of the Merchant Association, Contractor Association, Hotel Association, Moti Market Association, and Traders of Leh.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Additional Commissioner of State Taxes, UT Ladakh, Dr. Safdar Ali, who emphasized the importance of maintaining good relations between traders and the department to understand the basics of GST.

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