Tuesday, May 28
Govt Model Middle School Biathang holds School Ambassador Election

Govt Model Middle School Biathang holds School Ambassador Election


KARGIL: Government Model Middle School Biathang Kargil, successful completed its School Ambassador Election for the year 2024.

The election process, held during the morning assembly, showcased the school’s commitment to fostering democratic values among its students.

Led by Head Master Gulzar Ali as the Electoral Officer and observed by Teacher Zakir Hussain, the election saw enthusiastic participation from all students. Candidates Kehroon Nissa, Fatima Sugra, and Sajida Batool demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and dedication throughout the campaign period.

After a fair and transparent voting process, Fatima Sugra emerged as the victorious candidate, earning the title of School Ambassador for the year 2024. Her passion for service and commitment to the school community have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers.

The School Ambassador Election at Govt Model Middle School Biathang Kargil serves as a proof to the school’s dedication to nurturing responsible citizens who actively engage in the democratic process.

By encouraging student participation and providing a platform for expression, the school aims to instill values of democracy, leadership, and civic responsibility in its students, said HM Gulzar Ali.

He extended his heartfelt congratulations to Fatima Sugra on her well-deserved victory and commend all the candidates for their commendable efforts. The school looks forward to a successful tenure under Fatima Sugra’s leadership as School Ambassador, he added.

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