Tuesday, May 28
Zahir Abbas elected as President in PM SHRI GMS Doks Chutumail

General Election: Zahir Abbas elected as President of GMS Doks Chutumail


Doks Chutumail: The PM SHRI Government Middle School Doks Chutumail witnessed a landmark day in its democratic tradition as it successfully concluded its general election for the academic session 2024-25.

The election saw enthusiastic participation from the student body, casting their votes in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Three candidates vied for the prestigious position of president: Zahir Abbas, Abida Batool, and Asif Ali. Each candidate presented their vision for the school, aiming to win the hearts and votes of their fellow students.

The election process was marked by a high turnout, indicating the students’ keen interest in shaping the future of their institution. The school administration and staff members facilitated the election, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.

At the end of the day, it was Zahir Abbas who emerged victorious, winning by a significant margin. His campaign, which resonated with many students, promised to focus on enhancing the academic and extracurricular environment of the school.

As the newly elected president for the academic session 2024-25, Mr. Abbas is set to take on the responsibilities of his role with immediate effect. The school community has expressed high hopes for his tenure, anticipating positive changes and initiatives that will benefit all.

The peaceful conclusion of the election is a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering a democratic spirit among its students. It serves as an example for other institutions to follow, highlighting the importance of student involvement in decision-making processes.

PM SHRI Govt Middle School Doks Chutumail congratulates Zahir Abbas on his victory and extends its best wishes for his term as president.

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