Saturday, April 13
GDC Nubra organises awareness program on AIDS

GDC Nubra organises awareness program on AIDS


Nubra: Under the chairmanship of esteemed Principal Dr. Tsewang Motup, Red Ribbon Club of Government Degree College, Nubra, conducted an Awareness Programme on AIDS within the College Campus on February 29, 2024.

The Programme started with a speech by Dr Tsewang Motup sensitizing the students on the mode of transmission and precautionary measures needed to curb the spread of this deadly disease.

Dr. Mohd. Murtaza of the Department of Zoology gave a detailed talk on “What is Aids, What are its Causes and How can it be prevented”. The Programme followed with a Poster Making Competition and a Quiz Competition.

In the Poster Making Competition 1st Prize was given to Najma Begum of 6th Semester, 2nd Position to Zangskit Dolma of 2nd Semester and 3rd position to Amrin Kousar of 6th Semester. The Programme turned out to be a fruitful one.


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