Sunday, February 25

GDC Khaltse organises Quiz Competition


Leh: A quiz competition on ‘National Science Day’ was Wednesday organized by the Debate and Seminar Committee in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science of Government Degree College, Khaltse on February 28 at the college campus.

The theme was ‘Global Science for Global Well-being’ this year. The purpose was to inculcate scientific temper among the students.


Assistant Professor, Amjad Khan formally welcomed the participating teams for the quiz programme. 

Students of the second semester and fourth semester participated in the competition.  Three houses were formed such as Newton, Marie Curie and CV Raman. 

GDC Khaltse organises Quiz Competition

The quiz programme was conducted by Dr. Stanzin Namtak and Spalzes Angmo.

Assistant Professor, Stanzin Deldan and Dr. Mehraj Udin Dar and Dr. Suhail Ahmed Sheikh were the scorers.


Newton House secured the first position, Marie Curie House secured the second while CV Raman House secured third position. 

Assistant Professor, Zahra Bee presented vote of thanks.

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