Tuesday, May 21
GDC Kargil organizes Sociological Tour to ‘Tribal Research Centre’ Khumbuthang, Karpo Khar Mausoleum

GDC Kargil organizes Sociological Tour to ‘Tribal Research Centre’ Khumbuthang, Karpo Khar Mausoleum


Kargil: The Department of Sociology, Government Degree College Kargil, successfully conducted a one-day sociological tour to Tribal Research Centre at Khumbuthang, University of Ladakh, Kargil campus.

A group of 31 students from Sociology Department, GDC Kargil who had completed a course in 6th semester on “Sociology of Tribal Society” visited the Tribal Research Centre at University Campus.

The students were warmly welcomed by Dr. Jafar Khan, Head of the Sociology Department, who provided an insightful overview of the university.

Following this, Dr. Nargis Khatoon, Assistant Professor of Sociology, introduced students to Sociology Department and presented a detailed slideshow on the university’s achievements in general and admission procedures to Sociology course in particular.

Subsequently, Dr. Konchok Paldan, Assistant Professor of Sociology, delivered a lecture on the tribes of Ladakh, shedding light on their current conditions and the changes they have undergone.

Dr. Paldan highlighted that the inception of the Tribal Research Centre on the University of Ladakh campus dates back to 2021, elucidating its pivotal role in orchestrating seminars and workshops centered around tribal groups.

Additionally, he conveyed the forthcoming construction of a tribal museum within the university premises, signaling a proactive endeavor to preserve and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Peerzada, another Assistant Professor at the Sociology Department. Later Dr. Imtiyaz Kharpa, teacher incharge GDC Kargil appreciated campus Director, Head of Department, and faculty members for their warm reception.

The college students interacted with postgraduate students and discussed academic prospects and opportunities within the Ladakh University.

Later in the day, the students proceeded to Karpo Khar at Syed Mir Hashim Mausoleum, where Dr. Imtiyaz Kharpa provided a detailed briefing on the significance and historical background of the site.

He encouraged students to delve into its history for deeper insights into the future, and emphasised the importance of understanding cultural heritage for academic and personal growth.

The one day tour concluded on a note of triumph and enlightenment. The teacher in-charge directed students to submit a short report about the tour and submit it to the department within three days.

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