Monday, December 4
GDC Drass organizes field study for students

GDC Drass organizes field study for students


KARGIL: Students from Environmental Science Department at EIA Government Degree College (GDC) Drass embarked on a field study to assess the environmental impact of developmental projects on Friday.

Led by Sajad Hussain, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, the students engaged with the local populace to gain valuable insights into the community’s perspective on these developmental projects.

The interaction facilitated a deeper understanding of the social and environmental dynamics, providing a holistic view to the students.

The students visited the construction sites and explored the Bears Mini Hydal Project and its adjacent sites.

Hussain, a seasoned environmental expert, guided students throughout the field study, providing expert insights of the environmental issues.

Speaking about the initiative, Hussain stated, “Engaging students in real-world, on-site studies is essential to their education. It not only enriches their theoretical knowledge but also hones their practical skills, making them capable future environmental stewards.”

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