Tuesday, May 21
GDC Drass organizes exposure tour for 4th semester students

GDC Drass organizes exposure tour for 4th semester students


Kargil: Government Degree College Drass organized a one-day exposure tour for 4th Semester students under the guidance of Dr. Imtiyaz Hussain and Dr. Mohd Ali.

The tour commenced with a visit to KVK-1 Kargil, where Dr. Akhone Mehdi addressed the detrimental effects of pesticides in the modern era.

He emphasized the use of plant extracts such as chenopodium and amaranthus for eco-friendly agricultural practices. Stressing the importance of spreading awareness about sustainable agriculture, Dr. Mehdi highlighted the significance of Button and Dingri Mushrooms, noting their easy composting process.

Dr. Nasreen played a pivotal role during the tour, passionately advocating for mushroom cultivation as both a practical skill and a sustainable agricultural practice.

With expertise and enthusiasm, she engaged students in hands-on learning, demonstrating compost preparation techniques tailored specifically for mushroom cultivation.

Additionally, Dr. Nasreen showcased sophisticated equipment such as laminar airflow autoclaves and BOD instruments, illustrating the technological advancements that enhance mushroom cultivation processes.

Through her dedication and expertise, she inspired students to not only consider mushroom cultivation as a hobby but also as a potential avenue for eco-friendly agricultural development.

Subsequently, students explored the research field, where Dr. Dolkar elucidated low tunnelling techniques and the significance of mulching in agriculture.

Later, students proceeded to GDC Kargil, where they engaged in productive exchanges with Kargil students.

They visited the Botany and Zoology laboratories, acquainting themselves with various lab instruments under the guidance of Assistant Prof Rinchen Angmo and Dr. Akbar Khan. They also visited the mushroom lab and gained insights into ongoing research.

The tour concluded with an interactive session led by Dr. Syed Ali Shah, who demonstrated 10-minute meditation techniques for mental well-being.

The tour’s success was attributed to the support of Principal GDC Drass, Dr. Amjad Ali, and the college staff, as well as the collaboration of KVK-1 Kargil and GDC Kargil, for which gratitude was expressed by the tour in-charge.

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