Friday, December 8
GDC Drass organizes education tour for students

GDC Drass organizes education tourfor students


Kargil: In an inspiring educational initiative, the students of Environment Science from Government Degree College Drass embarked on an enriching day-long educational tour to prominent environmental sites in Kargil.

The tour, meticulously organized as part of their syllabus, aimed at enhancing their practical knowledge about sustainable practices in waste management and renewable energy solutions.

The students commenced their expedition with a visit to the Solid Waste Disposal sites in Kurbathang, where they gained invaluable insights into eco-friendly waste management techniques. Witnessing the complexities and solutions of waste disposal firsthand, the students deepened their understanding of the environmental challenges faced by communities and the importance of responsible waste management.
Continuing their educational odyssey, the students explored the cutting-edge 100 KV solar plant at the Kargil Campus, University of Ladakh.

This experience allowed them to delve into the realm of renewable energy, understanding the role of solar power in mitigating climate change and fostering sustainable energy practices.

Accompanied by Sajad Hussain, Assistant Professor of Environment Science, the students were privileged to have expert guidance throughout the tour. Hussain’s expertise and mentorship enriched the students’ learning experience, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.

The students and Hussain express their heartfelt gratitude to entire team of Municipal Committee Kargil, especially Ashfaq Ahmad, and the Head of KREDA, Kacho Ahmad Khan, for their support and cooperation. They also thanked Zahara Banoo for her invaluable assistance.

As a part of their educational endeavor, the students also had the opportunity to visit the Environmental Science Department at the Kargil Campus, Ladakh University. Interacting with esteemed faculty members, they engaged in insightful discussions, further enriching their knowledge and broadening their perspectives.

Such experiential learning opportunities inspire future leaders to address the pressing environmental challenges of our time. They students finally practiced a cleanliness drive at place they took lunch.

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