Tuesday, October 3
GDC Drass observes International Ozone Day

GDC Drass observes International Ozone Day


Kargil: Government Degree College Drass today observed the International Ozone Day aimed to aware students about ozone protection and environmental sustainability.

The event featured notable speakers, educators, and students who shared their insights on the importance of safeguarding the ozone layer.

The program was organized with the objective of emphasizing the significance of preserving the ozone layer and combating ozone-depleting substances to protect the planet’s future.

College’s Principal, Dr Amjad Ali Abassi presided over the event and highlighted the role of education in promoting environmental consciousness. He stressed on the responsibility of educational institutions in shaping responsible citizens committed to environmental preservation.

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Samina, shared valuable insights into the societal aspects of ozone layer depletion. She discussed the social impact and awareness necessary for collective action against ozone layer depletion.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Sajad Hussain, provided in-depth analysis of the environmental implications of ozone depletion and the global efforts to mitigate this issue. He emphasized the need for sustainable practices and responsible consumption.

Shakeela Mehraj, Vice President of the Student Council, GDC Drass conducted program proceedings while Shabana Banoo, General Secretary of the Student Council presented vote of thanks.

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