Tuesday, May 21
Eye Cataract Surgery done successfully at CHC Sankoo

Eye Cataract Surgery done successfully at CHC Sankoo


KARGIL: Eye Cataract Surgery was initiated at Community Health Center Sankoo, Kargil on Saturday.

With this initiative the CHC Sankoo has become a Beacon of Sight in the fight against Cataracts in Kargil.
Cataracts, the leading cause of blindness worldwide, cast a shadow over the lives of millions and in order to reduce the backlog of cataract cases in Kargil.

The Department of Ophthalmology Community Health Center Sankoo stands as a shining example of hope for the cataract patients of Kargil Ladakh.

With its dedicated & renowned Ophthalmologist Dr Munnawar Hussain Wazir and his team intitates eye surgery at Community Health Center Sankoo Kargil.

During the day four Cataract Case’s were operated with Successfully at CHC Sankoo.

The team who provided assisted to the cataract patients during the operation Mohd Ilyass and Mohd Raza Senior Ophthalmic Assistant Altaf Hussain OT Assistant and OT dedicated staffs.

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